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From driveways and walkways to pool decks and patios, Great Lakes Concrete provides the concrete look and design you need to create the perfect outdoor living space.  Take a moment to read some info by clicking on the image or the more tab on the sections below.

There are so many more reasons why concrete is a better option than asphalt.

First of all, concrete lasts longer.  Second, asphalt driveways heat up faster and create pot holes and cracks where there are wheel traffic or vehicles sitting on them.  Concrete will not create pot holes.  Third, asphalt driveways are typically cheaper to install but need more care over time to protect them.  Fourth, having a concrete driveway will add value to your home or business.  

Beautiful Designed Concrete Driveways:

Add value to your home or curbside appeal with an exposed concrete driveway.  We specialize in exposed or decorative driveways.  Great Lakes Concrete provides free estimates for your driveway as well as work with you to find the right look to compliment your property.

Installation Process

Great Lakes Concrete employs all the skills and equipment to fully prepare any site work for new or old concrete installation. We start with the removal and disposal of existing material.  Then we install a minimum of 18” of A gravel then we compact the new base to ensure your concrete project will last for decades.  Then we form your project using 2x6’s we pour a minimum of 5” concrete and install wire mesh.  In some cases, we use a fiber mesh to double up strength of the concrete.  Then we apply the finish of your choice to complete your concrete project.  The next day we insert expansion cuts to help in the prevention of cracking.  Finally, we wash and seal your project.




Great Lakes Concrete creating amazing concrete driveways one job at a time.



Great Lakes Concrete will create a flow and warm welcome to your door with a concrete walkway.